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Retail opportunities in Bradford

July 4, 2013

The publication of research revealing that Bradford has one of the highest opportunities for retail expansion in the UK is a helpful pointer for the City, which has suffered a steady decline in its traditional retail heart over the past few decades.
The figures produced by C A C I, one of the largest independent research advisers in the UK, indicates that Bradford is 8th out of the top 10 towns and cities in terms of scope for additional shops, other towns including Milton Keynes and Lancaster.
It would appear that many retailers have not latched onto Bradford’s potential, as we have found that nationwide requirements flyers from a variety of retailers rarely include Bradford as a target location.
It is to be hoped that this perception will change after the publication of the above work, and that retailers will be able to identify suitable units in Bradford.
Work on the delayed Westfield Shopping Centre is apparently scheduled to resume later this year, and that coupled with the C A C I findings should surely cause the tide to start turning in Bradford’s favour.
The fact that Bradford’s Forster Square Retail Park is so busy and seems to trade well with much of its huge car park often near full, adds weight to the argument that if there is a strong cluster of retail units with convenient parking, consumers will flock to them.

Andrew Idle

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